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Hi Handsome

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Director: Anil Sharma
Artists: Daksh Vashisht, Anil Sharma, Sumit Gupta, Monika Misra, Nitin Bansal, O P Chauhan, Suresh Solanki, Rishabh Parashar, Sant Lal, Rahul Kashap, Ayana, Pankaj, Hargovind, Satveer, Dubbal Yadav, Chaman Lal, Dharamraj
What's odd in it if a lonely father keeps reminding his married son to think of getting a grandchild for him? But the retired colonel's affectionate pleadings meet rejections from his figure-conscious daughter-in-law who prefers modelling over motherhood. The son indecisively hangs between the two. The rib-tickling comedy then blasts into tremor-like hilarity, as the erstwhile ageing disciplinarian colonel suddenly begins to court a suitable lady. The romance of oldies invites ire of the family and more amusing sequences for the audience. At the crescendo, colonel walks off with the last laugh.
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