Hors D`oeuvre

Hors D`oeuvre

1 hr 20 mins

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Director: Archit Kumar, Mrs. Mala Kumar
Writer: Archit Kumar
Artists: Kajri Akhtar, Sanjana Chopra, Meher Sra
Is it the alarm in the fire or the fire in the alarm that scares you? Did the colour red tell you to feel the danger in it? Did grey show its negative shades? Why is it, that the corners of your mind are so comfortable with pre conceived notions?

Come, walk with me, while I try to rhyme. The moonlight is dancing to music of its own. The aroma is filled with whispers unknown. If you close your eyes, we can promise to be your clone. So dont bother absorbing more than what is shown. Just throw yourself in to get completely blown.

Lets take a U turn now.

A few of us are meeting for some tea and a rare variety of cake

Before tea: One act play called With a little help from my friends
Cast: Kabir Nath as Viraj
Archit Kumar as Raghav

After tea: One act play called Hi! Up Above
Cast: Kajri Akhtar as Nandita Arora
Meher Sra as Nandita Chopra
Sanjana Chopra as whatever she feels like on stage

Written/Adapted by: Archit Kumar
Directed by: Archit Kumar and Mrs. Mala Kumar
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