Ishq Da Syaapa.. Daughter-In-Law Weds Papa

Ishq Da Syaapa.. Daughter-In-Law Weds Papa

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Artists: Sahil Kapoor, Arnica Kohli, Vineet Chopra, Himanshu Goel, Neha Sahai, Rajat Walia , Vrishti Chopra
Lala Kirori Mal is a very cautious, distrustful miser who is always looking at how to save every penny and keeps an eye on one and everyone irrespective of how they treat him. He is irritating, suspicious and cantankerous. His son Jassi on the other hand is wayward, prodigal and wastes money and time like anything and mostly stays outdoors because he can`t tolerate his father who doesnt allow him to spend or enjoy his life the way he wants.

Lala has two servants Nambu is very clever and has been with Lala ever since. He knows Lalas every trick and habit; and since he doesnt get paid well or sometimes at all he tries his best to make Lalas life hell by playing every trick in the town on him. They hate each other and fight with each other whenever possible but at the same time cannot live without each other. Lala`s other servant, Sukhi is more sophisticated and always agrees with Lala on whatever he says. This irritates and angers Nambu and he wonders why Sukhi is always siding with Lala though he too doesnt get paid and is equally ill-treated. Later, it is revealed that Sukhi is actually from a rich family who got separated from his family during a sea-voyage. He has been living in the guise of a servant in this house because he is in love with Billo!

Everything turns chaotic when Lala falls in love with a young Preeto and declares to his family that he is going to marry her, while it is also revealed that Jassi and Preeto love each other. An open war is declared between father and son and everyone gets involved and starts taking an advantage of the situation by siding with the stronger opponent as per the opportunity, making the confrontation a hilarious affair.

Enter Kuljit bua, the matchmaker who praises Lala beyond imagination which Lala starts believing in just because she wants him to marry Preeto as she will make a commission out of it. She makes a complete fool of him and then devises a totally different plan when she comes to know that Preeto and Jassi love each other and want to marry.
The climax of the play is the CETA s own creativity which will have the audience in complete shock as it has been written and created by CETA itself and is not the one which Moliere (World famous comedy The Miser) had written. To see what happens in the end and if there is a happy ending to it or not, come and watch Ishq Da Syaapa, Daughter-In-Law Weds Papa.

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