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Director: Sunil Rawat
Writer: Sharad Joshi
The play exposes the hypocrisy prevalent in the various sections of the society. It shows how our leaders, government officials and so-called social workers exploit the feelings of the common people to suit their vested interests.
In this play, Netaji wants to earn the praise and honour which would touch the masses. His motive is purely selfish and immoral. He is soon informed by the Kotwal about the death of a certain Alladad Khan which is deeply mourned by the local people. Netaji gets a brainwave and decides to attend the funeral and make a memorable speech, thus proving his plain and the down-to-earth nature to the common man. But as the plot unfolds, it is brought to light that Alladad Khan was infact a donkey and not a person.
Netaji is deeply troubled by the thought that he would become a laughing stock infront of the commoners. But he is spared the trouble because his stooges catch hold of an innocent man by the same name and put him to death. Netaji is thus successful in keeping up his good name and hiding the blunder.
This play is an insight into the lives of the people forming various parts of our society. It shows how gullible the citizens are and how easily they are misguided by the false promises and big words. It tells us how the people we consider our leaders are slowly eating up the roots of our society like termites.
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