K L Saigal..

1 hr 55 mins

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Artists: Tom Alter, Vijay Gupta, Hareesh Chhabra, Yashraj Malik, Ram N Diwakar, M Sayeed Alam, Manohar Pandey, Anju Chhabra, Punkaj Mata, Himanshu Srivastava, Pulkit Sharma, Md Sona, Manish Singh, Dawood Yaqub, Jaskiran Chopra
K L SAIGAL is the only play on the life, times, works and worth of the legendary singer, actor and the first superstar of the Indian Cinema K L Saigal: It is a virtual re-creation of good old years of Indian music and cinema: An eye-opener for the youth, a nostalgic trip for elders. The play features renowned Stage and Screen artist Tom Alter as the lead, and Yashraj Malik who looks, sings and acts like of K L Saigal
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