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Kambakht Ishq

Kambakht Ishq

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Director: Shyam Kumar
Writer: Satya Prakash
Kambakht Ishq play is a social comedy play. This play is about two old people who are alone and want a companion.

Doctor Bhatt has two patients, one is Radha and the other is Kishan. Sometimes Radha complaints that her heart stops beating and Kishan complained that sometimes he goes deaf. Truth is, they have no such diseases. Both them have become problematic to their kids due to their illegal affair. Even the neighbors gossip when they go out and they have been driven out from their homes.

They driven out their kids from home and they meet cruelty. Once Radha & Kishen decide to lie to their children, saying Radha became pregnant by Kishan. Finally, both Kishan and Radha`s children get their parents married.
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