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Kishan VS Kanhaiya

Kishan VS Kanhaiya

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Director: Umesh Shukla
Writer: Bhawesh Mandaliya
Artists: Paresh Rawal, Chirag Vora, Jimit Trivedi, Puja Gupta, Ankit Trivedi
A small time street smart conman and a dealer in antiques, Kishan, is an atheist married to a very religious woman. There is always an argument about religion in the house. Hilariously funny situations are created due to this conflict. Suddenly, a dramatic event occurs in his life which changes his outlook and leads him to question the very existence of God or ''Kanhaiya''.

The play is about an atheist's battle with God starring Paresh Rawal in the lead role who was quoted saying, ''I am producing and acting in a play after a long gap. Theatre needs a lot of time. I can do justice to it only when I am not shooting for any film. And after a long time I got a script which enticed me to do theatre. With this play, I have the chance to make you laugh non-stop. But remember, it's not mindless comedy.''
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