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Mahesh Dattani`s Where There`s a Will

Mahesh Dattani`s Where There`s a Will

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Director: Ravi Kumar
Joy is the essence of life and I have always believed that theatre should exude delight. Where theres a Will is such a play. It is not only thought-provoking and introspective but also provides an evening of pure entertainment.Where theres a Will has several interesting aspects. Mahesh described it as the exorcism of the patriarchal code. Women, be it daughter-in-law, wife or mistress; all are dependent on men and this play shows what happens when they are pushed to the edge. What interest me particularly was its philosophical twist. To be the watcher of ones self is to make intelligent changes in this life.
In Where theres a Will, has control over his family through his money and forgoes an opportunity to improve his interpersonal relationships. As do most of us. Consequently, when he became watcher of his actions, he perceives that his desire for control has led him to be the victim of his own machinations unlike Kiran who uses power play to essentially improve her relationships.
Where Theres a Will is one of the four earliest plays of Mahesh Dattani. The play is a drawing room comedy of a rich businessman, who tries to control his family even after his death through his will.
The play is really very interesting and appealing. It generates a lot of laughter and mirth among the spectators. Despite its humorous trait, the play is very introspective and thought-provoking. The play Where Theres a Will has many trademark qualities of Dattanis play. Like other plays, the play has Gujarati milieu and successful runs on the stage.
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