Maulana Azad

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Director: M. Sayeed Alam
Writer: M. Sayeed Alam
Artists: Tom Alter
In his foreword to Maulana Azad's book ''India Wins freedom'', Humayun Kabir mentions the Maulana as a ''wonderful conversationalist''. So is Maulana Azad of the play ''Maulana Azad''. The play evolves in the backdrop of Maulana Azad dictating notes to Humayun Kabir for his book. While talking about the book, which is largely political, the Maulana often digresses from the subject. As a result, he discusses at length an entire gamut of issues, largely 'apolitical' ranging from White Jasmine Tea to Tajmahal, Music to Mecca and Cigarette to Cheeta Khan.

Maulana's narrative includes numerous entertaining anecdotes and memoirs characterizing his life,
personality, thoughts and scholarship. Maulana's personal relations with Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and
Jinnah also come under the review in the course of the play.

Maulana Azad is relatively less known as a scholar of unparalleled caliber. Most of the published
material about the 'apolitical' side of him is available in Urdu, hence inaccessible to a majority of the people. The play in its own way endeavors to somewhat bridge this gap.
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