Metro Plus Theatre Fest 2012 - Chennai

Metro Plus Theatre Fest 2012 - Chennai

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About The Hindu Metro Plus Theatre Fest
The Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Fest, which showcases some of the finest English theatre in the country as well as some stunning performances from overseas. Over the years, the theatre festival has become quite an integral part of Chennais cultural calendar.

Bombay Talkies By The Orchid Experiment (Mumbai)
Eight citizens of Mumbai pour their hearts out to the audience. The characters are strung together by a series of monologues, which tap into their personal and public lives.

The Snow Queen By The Trestle Theatre (UK) (UK)
Gowrie travels across India. The play looks at themes of loss, love, loyalty and friendship in the context of what it is to be a teenager today, and casts children as agents of change.

Four Plays (Chennai)
A strained marital relationship, a play that highlights an artist`s plight and their struggles, another play that explores how three stories are connected to the Ganga and more! The one binding factor is their duration which doesn`t excede 25 minutes.

Woyzeck by Sadari Movement Laboratory (Korea)
A poor German soldier who`s driven to madness by inhuman military discipline, murders his mistress, remains one of the most enigmatic, shocking and influential works of modern theatre.

The Green Room by Yatrik (Delhi)
The Green Room deals with the predicament of the English-educated Indian artists, their struggle to discover their cultural legitimacy and to reconcile their dreams with their circumstances.

The Djinns of Eidgah by Rage Productions (Mumbai)
The Djinns of Eidgah is the story of Ashrafi and Bilal, two children stranded in the tragic impasse of Kashmir.

Baghdad Wedding by Akvarious Productions (Mumbai)
In war-ravaged Baghdad, this is the tale of three friends, torn between two worlds, who grapple with their cultural, political and sexual identities.
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