1 hr 30 mins

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Director: Ashok Nittur
Writer: V Halappa
Artists: Nagesh Joshi, Kabeer Nittur, V Halappa, Manjunath Tumri, Supraja R, Poornima Ashok, Jathin Dharshan
The Story is based on the novel The Magical Wardrobe by C S Lewis. There are various interesting reasons to stage Narnia as a play. The nature of the story builds curiosity and gives most perspective challenges to the theatre people so as to bring their creative talents on stage. If it had merely been a fantasy play, it would have probably not been that interesting. But the play humorously unfolds into wider experiences of human relationships, frustration in human-nature relationships, a man`s lifes irony knowingly or unknowingly being victimized by the cruel system and many more.

Though the play has several characters, dances, music, lighting effects, rich costumes, beautiful choreography, and a detailed set design etc, it does not affect the theatre motif and the subject intention. Thus, this becomes a very interesting subject for schools to present it to children.

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