Panchatantra: India's Original Musical

Panchatantra: India's Original Musical

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Director: Jhelum Gosalia, Kallirroi Tziafeta
Writer: Kamala Ramchandani Nahawar
Artists: Danny Sura, Graham DSouza, Hayder Ali, Karishma Mathur, Nikita Barton, Sabreen Baker, Santanu Ghatak, Shalin Sameer Koticha, Shikhar Tripathi
Sophia Bhabha Auditorum
Saturday, July 12th : 4 pm. & 7 pm.
Saturday, July 19th: 4 pm. & 7 pm.

Rangsharda Auditorium
Sunday, August 3rd: 4 pm. & 7 pm.

'Panchatantra - The Musical', threads together five popular Panchatantra tales into a magical circle of fun, music and dance. It transports both children and adults into a deep forest portraying fascinating animals with relatable characteristics. The forest unfolds, layer after layer, story after story, revealing impressionable lessons for life.

Anything can happen here...

And it often does...

Derived from the principles of the Artha (sense) and Dharma (duty), Panchatantra tales not only contain high social values but also focus on the art of living intelligently.
It contains intelligent text and character work, devised sub-stories and humour.
Infact, the mere spectacle of entertaining physical work, meaningful choreography, live singing and body percussion are hypnotic. Laced with soulful music, the age-old stories of the Panchatantra are sure to create nostalgia!
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