Piip And Tuut At Concert

Piip And Tuut At Concert

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Ranga Shankaras International Theatre for Children Festival 12 is proud and excited to include in its fold, for the first time, our 3-year old friends! And we know that these little ones are not always easy to please. So after much debate and discussion, we have a very special show lined up just for you.

So to entertain you, make you split your sides, laughing, and enchant you with their songs, acrobatic acts and slapstick humour are Piip and Tuut (played by Haide Mnname and Toomas Tross). These clowns have travelled all the way from Estonia to come and perform for our little friends.

The story of Piip and Tuut is a tale of two janitors, who clean up a concert hall (a space like Ranga Shankara!) after performances. So, one day, they decide to watch a show for themselves, amidst the audience. But soon they realise they have left their cleaning supplies on stage and they must get them back before the show begins.

And, this is where Piip and Tuuts hilarious dilemma begins! So come along little friends, and enjoy our super-intelligent clown-duo as they tell you some of the most exciting stories.
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