Robinson And Crusoe

Robinson And Crusoe

1 hr 30 mins

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Director: Gracias Devaraj
A play designed for the young and young at heart, Robinson and Crusoe is about two soldiers from different countries who get stranded together on a roof, surrounded by nothing but a vast ocean and the development of a friendship between them. Filled with comedy, energetic action and fantastic stunts of the kind not seen before, the play is a delight to watch while leaving us with a heartwarming message. According to a critic, this play has everything that a child might want.
Robinson and Crusoe came to Ranga Shankara from the Schnawwl Theatre, Mannheim in Germany in 2006. From the time the play was initially staged, Arundhati Nag has wanted to bring it back for the children in Bangalore. Discussions were held and among the various proposals offered, the idea of Gracias Devaraj, one of the actors in the play, directing Ranga Shankara`s version of it found favour as it would have the maximum impact. An agreement for a collaboration with Schnawwl Theatre under the Wanderlust project funded by the German Government set the ball rolling.

``I see Robinson and Crusoe as a huge canvas where I have been able to fill only a few colours. I find the play very challenging as an actor``, said Shrunga B V, one of the lead actors of the play.

This play has received rave reviews from critics, children and parents. In fact, the play has been reviewed extensively (Time Out, The Hindu, Deccan Herald, and and the critics are unanimous in their praise for the message of the play, the taut direction, the superb actors and the overall production value.
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