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Shivaji Underground In Bhimnagar Mohalla

Shivaji Underground In Bhimnagar Mohalla

2 hrs 20 mins

No shows scheduled for now

Director: Nandu Madhav
Writer: Rajkumar Tangde
Artists: Kailash Waghmare, Minakshi Rathode, Sambhaji Tangde, Pravin Dalimbkar, Rajkumar Tangde, Ashwini Bhalekar, Ganesh Shinde, Gajendra Tangde, Anil Waghmare, Narayan Waghmare
There is a relationship between history, the human race and emblems. Different stages of history give birth to their own emblems. However the discriminative nature of society tends to suppress the Great Sages who belonged to a lower stratum of society; alternately the ruling class accepts the Sages and then injects its own value system into them. Eventually the ruling classes use these emblems as a weapon against the lower classes, lower castes, and women. The play, with its robust performance style, tries to find out the modus operandi behind these cultural crimes.
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