1 hr 35 mins

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Director: Pramod Kale
Writer: Pramod Kale
Artists: Yash Pradhan, Harshad Rajpathak, Seema Shende, Shubhangee Damle, Rajashree Sawant Wad
A few days after the Mahabharata war, Gandhari is upset as she has received a message that Draupadi is coming to pay her a visit. She forces her maid Sakhi to play the part of Draupadi to imagine what she might talk about. Sakhi accepts and thus starts the journey of various memories of the past-the laments of both Gandhari and Draupadi for their suffering. Then, the real Draupadi arrives, and both of them come to know about each others` role in the total destruction caused by the war. She appeals to Gandhaari to remove her blindfold and join hands with her in shaping the new Yuga, as it is now their responsibility. The play tries to throw light on these two important female leads in Mahabharata from a new perspective.
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