The Invisible River By Gautam Raja
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The Invisible River By Gautam Raja

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River Ganges is the key to the hearts of 80 percent of Indias population. A Goddess revered, a Goddess defiled . Does science always oppose religion? Is there a scientific basis for the sacredness of the River Ganges? If so, what would the politico-religious nexus do with this information?

A colourful cast of characters including a self-promoting priest, a scheming politician and a canny street urchin, reveals that in India everything is interconnected and nothing is as simple as it seems.

When Uma, a young scientist from Bangalore, arrives in Allahabad to investigate the possibility that the Ganges could be a starting point of a new era of disease eradication, she sets off a ripple effect that impacts the lives of several people. Dr. Ajay, a government doctor and staunch believer in cleaning up the river, represents the conventional wisdom of the medical profession entangled with his personal demons - a mother obsessed with religion, dying slum children and a government that just doesnt care.

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