Unchi Udaan

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Director: Sunil Rawat
Writer: Kusum Lunia
Since time immemorial, women have been playing a pivotal role in the creation of this beautiful universe. Women have a glorious history regarding their contribution in Indian tradition and culture. As depicted in the Indian Epics, God himself took birth from her womb to save and protect the mankind from evil forces. But, is the woman given the same respect in modern day? The answer is a definite negative.
The present day situation is much worse and rather pathetic. Modern science has taken an ugly shape by aiding in an unborn child`s sex determination, who when found is a female is killed instantly. The cry of that foetus remains unheard. The irony is that educated people engage in this heinous crime as much as an illiterate person. Unchi Udaan has portrayed the issue of female foeticide in a very sensitive manner. The play has echoed the cries of women due to the present day ridiculous structure of society. The play has reflected very precisely, the role of a male dominated society, the preferences given to a son over a daughter, dowry system, rape and honour killing to promote female foeticide. It is a bitter truth that by killing the girl child in its mother`s womb, shall lead the society towards destruction of the universe and mankind.
The play also emphasizes that women empowerment does not only mean making a mark at family, social and national level, but it also means creating good and cultured individuals and citizens for society and country. It is indeed a meaningful creation, which is timeless because of its universal appeal and moral issues raised in it.
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