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Y.Gee. Mahdiran - NAADAGAM

Y.Gee. Mahdiran - NAADAGAM

1 hr 30 mins

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Artists: Y.Gee Mahendra
In 1971, Mahendra was cast by legendary director K.Balachander in his film Navagraham. The film was an average grosser. Mahendra was discovered to have a nasal accent which made him funny. He acted in a variety of roles in a number of movies- particularly as a dim witted fool of a cousin- generally eclipsing roles enjoyed by Cho Ramaswamy in the 60`s and 70`s.
Y.Gee ,thanks to his brother in law, also began a parallel career in Industrial Ceramics and had a flourishing company established in 1982- by which period his acting career thinned down and he became more preoccupied with his business. His career spans over four decades and involves around 200 movies. He also acted in supporting roles with actors like Sivaji Ganesan, Jaishankar, Kamal Haasan and his co-brother, Rajnikanth. He acted with Rajnikanth in films like Pokkiri Raja, Paayum Puli, Shri Raghavendra, Veera, etc., and with Kamal Hassan in movies like Apoorva Raagangal, Neeya, Guru, etc.,

Y.Gee sold his ceramics business in 2001 for a whopping sum and has made a comeback into production and acting- his most recent role being in Kanthaswamy. He did an excellent performance in the movie Yudham Sei, directed by Mysskin
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