Mastercard Debit Card Offers

Mastercard Debit Card Offers

Mastercard Debit Card


  • A first time Mastercard Debit card user is eligible for - Take 2 offer. If you've already used Mastercard on BookmyShow , user is eligible for - Movie Mania Offer.


  1. Go through the regular ticketing flow for selecting the movie, cinema and show of your choice.
  2. Confirm your details by providing your email id & mobile number as this information will be used for confirming your transaction.
  3. Proceed to the secure payment page, enter your MasterCard card number in the box, name on the card, expiry and CVV card details.
  4. Please check yes, I accept terms, conditions & booking policy.
  5. To avail offer, check 'Avail Discounts & Offers' at the bottom left side of the page.
  6. Select 'Offers', select "MasterCard Debit Card Offer" in the offers section from the list and click on the 'Apply Offer' button to avail your offer.
  7. Congratulations! You would have successfully availed your offer.
  8. Internet handling fee is levied on all tickets booked in a transaction irrespective whether it's a full priced or a discounted ticket.

How to Avail the Offer on Mobile App

  1. Follow the regular ticketing flow by selecting the movie, cinema and show of your choice.
  2. Enter your Email ID & Mobile number, as this information will be used for confirming your transaction.
  3. Select the Credit/Debit Card payment option from the available payment options list. If your card is already shown in the QuikPay screen, just select that and enter your CVV.
  4. You will see the list of Credit/Debit Card offers. Select "MasterCard Debit Card Offer".
  5. Enter your Mastercard Debit Card details in the box and click on the 'Apply' button. If you are using QuikPay, this will be automatically filled.
  6. Congratulations! You have successfully availed your offer.


  1. If the customer has availed BOGO in a month, then he/she is not allowed to avail the 25% off offer in the same month.
  2. Offer Eligible Cards Max free tickets/day Discount Offer details
    Take 2 Offer Maestro & Master debit cards 320* Rs. 200 One time offer
    Movie Mania Offer Maestro & Master debit cards 1000* Rs. 50 2 discounted tickets/month
  3. * First-come-first-serve basis
    * Applicable on all days

    1. Offer is applicable for ticket bookings relating to all cinemas in India where tickets can be booked at
    2. In case you have applied for the discount but the transaction doesn't go through for some reason, kindly wait for 20 minutes before trying to avail the discount again.
    3. All MasterCard cardholders are advised to check the other applicable terms and conditions of Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. at before availing the offer under the MasterCard Take 2 Offer or the MasterCard Movie Mania Offer.
    4. Tickets once bought online, shall be considered sold and cannot be cancelled, refunded or exchanged.
    5. The cardholder shall be required to give personal information and card details online for the tickets purchased on
    6. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers/discounts/promotions at
    7. MasterCard cardholders shall not be entitled to compensation / benefits in any form whatsoever in lieu of the offer being availed. Offers cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash.
    8. MasterCard cardholders are not bound in any manner to participate in this offer. Any participation by the MasterCard cardholder shall be voluntary.
    9. Bookmyshow and MasterCard reserves the absolute right to withdraw and / or alter any of the terms and conditions of this offer at any time without giving any notice.
    10. In the event that the offer, these terms and conditions, or any part thereof is prohibited or restricted under applicable law, the offer and/or the terms and conditions (as the case may be) may be modified to the extent required to comply with the law.
    11. MasterCard does not assume any responsibility for the products and services offered under this Promotion. The products are sold and services are provided solely by the relevant vendors, under such terms and conditions as determined by such vendors, and MasterCard accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with such products and services. The products and services have not been certified by MasterCard and under no circumstances shall the inclusion of any product or service in this Promotion be construed as an endorsement or recommendation of such product or service by MasterCard.
    12. The Offer is Valid till 30th April 2014.

IMPORTANT NOTE: (MasterCard 'Take 2' Offer) Buy one Get one Free

  1. The maximum number of free tickets available each day is 320.
  2. The discount cannot exceed INR 200/ticket under this offer.
    Eg: If you buy 2 tickets of Rs.350 each, you have to pay the full price for one ticket (i.e.Rs.350) & you get Rs.200 off on the second ticket (i.e.350-200=Rs.150). So, you will pay a total of Rs.500 plus convenience fee as levied.
  3. A maximum number of one free ticket can be received per eligible card during the promotion period.
  4. The MasterCard 'Take 2' Offer can be redeemed every day of the week until offer stock lasts for the day.

IMPORTANT NOTE:MasterCard 25% off (Movie Mania Offer)

  1. The maximum number of tickets available under discount each day is 1000.
  2. The discount cannot exceed INR 50/ticket under this offer. Successful MasterCard cardholders who receive INR 50 off under this offer must purchase minimum of 2 tickets. Total discount on each ticket will be INR 50 or 25% whichever is lower.
  3. A maximum number of two tickets will be discounted per eligible card per calendar month during the promotion period.
    Eg. If you buy 2 tickets worth Rs.300 each, then you shall be eligible for an INR 50 off on each ticket and not a 25% discount (since this comes to Rs.75 off per ticket) So, you will pay a total of Rs.500 plus convenience fee as levied.
  4. The MasterCard Movie Mania Offer can be redeemed for the transactions done and the shows screened throughout the week i.e Monday - Sunday.