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Sultan Garhi

Sultan Garhi


Sultan Garhi | 25 Onwards

Emperor Iltutmish built the Sultan Garhi or Sultan Ghari or Sultan-i-Garhi in 1231 AD for his eldest Prince Nasiru`d-Din Mahmud which is considered the oldest Islamic mausoleum in present-day India. The Sultan Garhi also has a cenotaph for Iltutmish`s other son. Sultan Garhi is dominated by a large octagonal enclosure covering most of the courtyard, inside which are the actual tombs. The Mihrab inside the tomb is rich in intricate calligraphy on marble and is supported by large sandstone colonnades, complete with a triangular arch in keeping with Persian and Oriental architecture.

Sultan Garhi Information:
The Sultan Garhi gets its name from a cave where the tomb is located. As it is a revered site for both local Hindus and Muslims of the area. The roof of the chamber is constructed in thick lime–concrete and the tomb represents a corbel arch construction, giving it the look of more like a fortress than a mausoleum. It also contains symbols of Hindu temples like Swastika on the walls and people from both Hindu and Muslim origins come to pay their respects to the shrine on Thursdays. According to history, the tomb was repaired by Firoz Shah Tughlaq as it was considerably damaged
The entry fee to enter Sultan Garhi is INR 5 for Indians and INR 100 for foreigners. No camera fee is taken from the tourists.

Terms & Conditions

  • The e-ticket is not transferable
  • Entry Fee is not refundable.
  • E-ticket cancellations are not permitted.
  • Visitor shall be required to show an original photo identity proof at the entry to the monument.
  • Inflammable/dangerous/explosive articles are not allowed.
  • This monument is a Non Smoking zone.
  • Edibles are not allowed inside the monument.
  • Refund policy later for any transaction is not permitted as per the guidelines of the Archaeological Survey Of India so refund for any transaction under any circumstances won`t be possible.