10 Kalpanakal

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10 Kalpanakal

UA | 25 Nov, 2016 811 Votes

2 hrs 6 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller


‘10 Kalpanakal’ progresses through three different phases in the life of Davis George (Anoop Menon), a forest officer. Davis is a sincere and honest officer. He leads a contented life with his wife Sara (Kaniha) and son John. Certain unexpected tragedies wreck the smooth flow of their life which is also associated with the arrival of Victor (Prasanth Narayanan). Meera Jasmine does Crime Detachment Officer Shasiya Akbar. Joju George, Rithika, Kavitha Nair, Kulappuli Leela, Swami, Binu Adimaly, and Josutty play the other main roles. The movie is the debut directorial venture of famous film editor Don Max. The script is penned by the director himself. Kishore is the cinematographer. Mithun is the music director.

The Times Of India   rated it
10 Kalpanakal
Shadiya Akbar IPS, a renowned police officer, addresses a group of trainees by narrating a memorable instance from her career. The episode and the characters of the case offer her a valuable lesson in ...
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Ravi   rated it
gud flick
I liked the way the movie keeps you hyped like the usual thrillers but I was little disappointed with the darkness in the movie.it is worth a watch though!!!...