18am Padi

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18am Padi

UA | 05 Jul, 2019 13,354 Votes

2 hrs 40 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

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Two Schools - one for the rich and one for the poor. Two rival gangs. Two rebel leaders and their epic tale of romance, rivalry and friendship. And a genius mentor, Professor John Abraham Palackal (Mammootty), who guides these youngsters as they step from adolescence to adulthood.

18am Padi (the eighteenth step) is the story of these characters and their journey through the vicissitudes of life.

The Times Of India   rated it
18am Padi
In fact, the movie can be considered as a text book for the adolescents of the Gen Z era. Its also a film for the dreamers, the chasers, the distracted and the nostalgic minds....
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