26 Kingston (Telugu)

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26 Kingston (Telugu)

- | 28 Jun, 2013


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Even after 65 yrs of independence, in today's India every sort of illegal activities exist. A common man is not able to enjoy a peaceful and happy life with his family due to the fear of terror attacks which keeps happening every now and then. People are scared of living a normal life, hence leading an insecure hardened life. This movie tries to portray the pain and reactions of common man, police force and media during the famous terrorist attack which took place in Mumbai on November 26, 2011. Narrating the struggle and chaos spread across the city by a group of terrorists, the movie recreates the pain, blood-shed and fear created in the hearts of all the Indians. The movie establishes the tensions aroused in the lives of couples stuck up in the hotel during the attack. 26 Kingston also deals with other issues of the terrorist attack like the failure of the police force and the secrets behind the death of special force officials, connection between religion and terrorism. It is another 26/11 movie which portrays the theme, 'Humanity wins over cruelty'.