31st October

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31st October

A | 21 Oct, 2016

A Sikh family is trapped in a riot-affected part of Delhi.

1 hrs 42 min | Drama, Thriller

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On 31st October 1984, the Prime Minister of India gets assassinated by her Sikh Security Guards. Politicians use this incident to spark public hatred towards the Sikhs, labelling them as traitors. Devender Singh and his family are stuck in their house as their city plummets.

In 24 hours of uncertain oscillations, helplessness and with their relatives dying, and neighbours turning hostile, Devender`s family seeks help from their Hindu friends who live across town. As Pal, Tilak and Yogesh travel to save Devender`s family, they come face-to-face with the destruction of humanity. They witness the carnage and the moral corruption that makes men turn into savages.

In their attempt in ferrying Devender's family to safety, Pal, Tilak and Yogesh must face their own demons first.