7 Days In Slow Motion

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7 Days In Slow Motion

U | 04 Jan, 2013

1 hrs 40 min | Comedy


Ravis lives his life by the pie-chart his mother defines for him 60% education and only 2.9% for fun. When Ravi and his friends, Hamid and Onka chance upon the camera of an American tourist, Mr. Turek, they see their dreams coming true where they can make a Bollywood film and meet the famous Actor, Ms. Chand Ray.The path to making a film is riddled with problems, they only have 7 days to make the film and their final exams begin in 7 days. Also, Ravis mother must not find out about their little project because she is intent on her son getting the first rank; and Mr. Turek must be watched lest he goes to the police about his missing camera!

'7 Days In Slow Motion' has also been filmed in Telugu as '7 Rojollu'.