702 Dixit's

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702 Dixit's

UA | 15 Jan, 2016

Initially a happy story of the Dixit family until one mishap changes everything.

2 hrs 1 min | Suspense, Thriller

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Kaavya and Yash Dixit are a young, jet-set couple with blooming careers, leading a blissful life with their 10-year-old daughter Reva. Their perfect life comes to a grinding halt when Asha, the governess they had hired a while back to take care of Reva, falls from their balcony and dies. Since Yash was the only family member at home on that fateful day, he gets arrested on suspicion of murder. Yash pleads his innocence to the cops and to Kaavya, but all evidence and witnesses including Asha`s father, Raoji, points out against Yash. Kaavya is desperate to prove Yash`s innocence and calls Riya, Yash`s childhood friend and an ex lawyer, for help.

But is Yash really innocent? Did he murder the girl to hide something? Did she commit suicide? Or was it someone else, someone known, who committed the crime to destroy the Dixits` peaceful life? And the biggest question...was their life genuinely blissful? 702 Dixit`s...a roller-coaster ride of emotions, estranged relationships, danger and loads of twists, compelling to one question `Can you always believe what your eyes see?`