A K 56 (Kannada)

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A K 56 (Kannada)

UA | 09 Feb, 2012

2 hrs 40 min | Action, Drama

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A boy uses AK 56 rifle as a toy and scares away his friends in a village. When police start investigating how AK 56 landed in the village, they arrest Ajay (Siddhant), a basketball player, and send him to Hindalga jail. Ajay`s mother Gowri (Sumalatha) helps her son escape from the jail through some youths by paying them money. Siddhanth, to prove that he is innocent, begins his hunt for terrorists and takes on Saleem, (Atul Kulakarni), who plans to blast KRS dam. The rest is full drama and action which go on expected lines with some catchy dialogues by M S Ramesh reflecting the state of affairs in India in handling terrorists` cases.