A Rainy Day (Marathi)

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A Rainy Day (Marathi)

U | 31 Jan, 2014

Behind every successful man there is a woman, but what about a corrupt man?

1 hrs 30 min | Drama

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It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman. In that case - what about a corrupt man? How far is a woman responsible in the greed of a man? Can a woman stop her husband from being corrupt?

`A Rainy Day` is the story of a go-getter, an achiever. Aniket is an upwardly mobile man who wants to be rich quick. He would resort to any means in order to get what he wants - even bribe people, entice them with immoral `gifts;` and if it comes to that- bump off people who get in his way!

Aniket`s wife Mugdha does not approve of his deeds. Aniket is aware of that. It is probably this disapproval which is gnawing at the back of his conscience which gives rise to this story. He has never confided in Mugdha about his deeds directly as he knows how she looks at such things and totally aware of her virtues in life.

When life seems to be going fine, suddenly one morning Aniket discovers that Mugdha has got wind of what he did in his childhood. Aniket wonders how she knows this, but brushes it off, thinking, `Maybe I told her myself some time.`

At this time Mugdha is pregnant and Aniket wonders if this condition has anything to do with her extra sensitivity.

Gradually this phenomenon starts repeating itself. Mugdha tells him each and everything in detail, what he did on various occasions. She seems to know the vivid details of all his deeds.
Media gets wind of her `extra-sensory` powers and Aniket`s story gets splashed in the Press and across channels.
Aniket is livid.

Aniket is intrigued at first, then irritated and angry and later terrified. As it happens quite often, he is on the way of becoming a neurotic wreck. Mugdha`s disapproval and anger towards this also goes on mounting and finally she decides to leave him.