Aakasame Haddu

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Aakasame Haddu

- | 11 Sep, 2011

Drama, Romantic

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Narayana (Rajeev Salur) is a topper in a college. He falls in love with Priya (Panchi Bora). But Priya does not reciprocate. His friend Karthik (Navdeep) advises him that he should prove his love by concentrating on his studies.

Narayana joins a company to do his project work on the advice of Karthik, where Priya also works. Priya befriends him and they become good friends. Before going for the final examination, Priya gives him a cover and tells him to open it on his birthday as she doesn`t want to disturb his studies otherwise.

What does the letter contain forms the climax of the story.