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A | 15 Oct, 2010

1 hrs 55 min | Action, Thriller


The film revolves around a lower caste guy who had gone along with his two friends to a village - Jhanjhar in Bihar, his native place, to watch Ramleela. These three student`s of Delhi University go missing in the dusty village. In the previous 3 months there is no clue where the young students have vanished. Media and students movement all over Bihar takes a pivotal step for getting hint of these students, its then government appoints CBI officers Sidhant Chaturvedi and Pratap Kumar and find out the truth under it. A person residing in Bihar himself and, Pratap understands the intricacies of race relations in small towns like Jhanjhar. Pratap tries to use his charm and smartness to crack the investigation whereas Sidhant has a very no non-sense, direct approach investigation. It`s simply a clash of personalities and ideologies.