Aandhali Koshimbir (Marathi)

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Aandhali Koshimbir (Marathi)

U | 30 May, 2014

A quarrelling contest gone wrong.

2 hrs 28 min | Comedy

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Ranga and his friend Vashya decide to bring a lonely lady named Shanti home and try to get her quarrel with Ranga`s father, Bapu. As she is better at fighting, Ranga thinks that she will win against him in the quarrel and Bapu will lose his confidence, solving their financial problem.

They tell both Bapu and Shanti that the other party is mentally unstable and that their deceased spouses looked the same as each other, and if they win the quarrel, the patient might just be cured. What happens when the two encounter each other? Do things go according to plan or does Cupid intervene?