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- | 26 Jan, 2001

2 hrs 40 min | Action, Comedy

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Chander is at the threshold of growing into a man of convictions. He has inculcated the utopian ideals of his lawyer father (Anupam Kher), and in a way is ignorant to the stark realities of the outside world. He stands for the good cause and invariably picks up quarrels as he can`t be a mute witness to evil happening. This attitude wins him animosity of many, but makes him hero in the eyes of Pooja, the daughter of a rich tycoon.
But Pooja has her own way of approaching Chander. Rather than face-to-face confession of her love she prefers to entice Chander on the cellular phone. Enamored by this unsuspected admirer, Chander becomes a daydreamer, absent minded and makes goofs. Here Indra Kumar makes a rather futile attempt in creating humor scenes, which is blunt and at times even nauseating. Indra should have known that Bobby lacks the aptitude to make the audience laugh.
Anyway Chander and Pooja meet and immediately they are transposed into idyllic environs where they prance, sing and blatantly accept their love for each other.