Abhiyum Anuvum

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Abhiyum Anuvum

UA | 25 May, 2018 1,262 Votes

2 hrs 1 min | Drama, Romantic


Abhi and Anu live diametrically different lives, far removed from the space each other occupies. Abhi is the average boy next door with a regular job and a lifestyle that borders on the mundane, and is very close and dependent on his mother. Anu is an organic farmer in Ooty - a lively girl, passionate about social issues and unafraid to challenge social responsibility and the stigma around her.

They meet and are instantly attracted to each other and get married on a whim. Subsequently, Anu's pregnancy augurs the start of a new phase in their lives. But it all comes crashing down when their families meet and a shocking disclosure conspired by a strange twist of fate is revealed. This disclosure questions the foundation of Abhi-Anu's relationship, which they find hard to overcome. Torn between what the society expects him to do and what his love needs to conquer, Abhi is faced with a life-altering decision.

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Abhiyum Anuvum
Abhi and Anu fall in love over interactions on Facebook, and get married almost instantly after they meet. Anu becomes pregnant and even as the couple is planning their family life, a revelation shakes...
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GOOD MOVIE Liked very much, we can watch with family...