Action Hero Biju

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Action Hero Biju

U | 04 Feb, 2016 9,101 Votes

2 hrs 25 min | Action, Comedy, Drama


The story of Action Hero Biju revolves around certain interesting episodes in the life of a young police officer, his personal and professional life. Nivin Pauly plays the titular role, Sub Inspector Biju Paulose, an officer in a Janamaithri Police Station. The situations take the story forward. Action Hero Biju is a realistic portrayal of a cops life, in contrast to the macho appearance seen usually in action movies.

Fimibeat   rated it
Action Hero Biju
A very realistic, subtle, fun-filled police story, which reinvents the whole concept of khakee....
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Premnath   rated it
Action Hero Biju
A welcome relief from the regular khakee potboilers. Subtle performance by Nevin Pauly, good effort by all actors. Technical aspects like framing, camera angle and lighting coupled with smart directi...