Adimai Penn

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Adimai Penn

U | 01 May, 1969

3 hrs 0 min | Action, Drama

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Sengodan is in love with a queen who he sees hunting one day. She tells him she has a son and Sengodan tries to kill her son. The queen cuts his leg with an axe. The king goes to Sengodan's country to seek justice and then follows a duel where the King wins, but Sengodan kills him. Sengodan then orders his men to seize the country and take captive the queen and her son. The queen escapes with the help of a king's aide and the prince is taken prisoner. The queen stays in hiding for years. The king's aide is imprisoned and sees the prince who has forgotten to talk or eat with hands. He escapes with the prince and hands him over to his grand daughter, Jeeva as he dies. She teaches him to speak, write and fight. The rest is how the prince and Jeeva save the queen and regain his kingdom.

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