Aduva Gombe

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Aduva Gombe

U | 04 Jan, 2019 311 Votes

2 hrs 19 min | Drama

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Madhava (Sachari Vijay) lost his parents at the age of one and since then has been living with his elder sister Rukmini (Sudha Belawadi), who is married to Kishen (Anant Nag), a coffee planter.

Rukmini loves his brother and does not want a boy child of her own, as she doesn't want to divide her love for Madhava. Soon, she is blessed with two daughters Vasudha (Disha Krishnaiah) and Radha (Nirosha). As time passes the kids grow up and start working towards their vision in life. Will all the three kids succeed in fulfilling their dreams in life, is what forms the crux of the story.