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U | 08 Oct, 2010


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In the Devkule family, you will find many strange characters. There is a blind Grandma, who does not accept that she is blind. She always wears glasses and acts like she can see everything.Devidaas, is Raiba's father, who though dead keeps making his appearance to remind his wife and his friend about his promise, as if he is alive. Paru, alias Parvatitai, in spite of having proper vision is a victim of blind faith. She is very possessive about her son but at the same time argues with him over his marriage issue. Raiba Devkule is the most eligible bachelor, ever ready to tie a knot with any girl, who is willing to marry him. In short , he is desperate to marry any girl, provided.. .Raiba's aspirations are very big.
Spacious house, A big car & Fat salary
What if he gets everything huge ?