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U | 22 May, 2009


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Abhishek (Upendra) has been hating all women ever since his love, Anjali (Daisy Bopanna), left him after an accident and married her fiance. He thinks all women are same. Then comes the lovely looking Aishwarya (Deepika Padukone) as the assistant manager. Abhishek hatches ideas to send this Assistant manager right back to hell from the first day. She complains to the MD of the company - uncle of Abhishek and she is surprised to get a promotion as Manager of the company replacing Abhishek.
Then both are assigned are a task to Vienna where they spend ten days with each other and fall in love. However, Aishwarya is supposed to marry her fiance, into a very strict family from Mandya. How they later reunite despite all problems is what remains to be seen.

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