Ajoba (Marathi)

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Ajoba (Marathi)

U | 09 May, 2014

Ajoba - a soul stirring journey starring Urmila Matondkar!

1 hrs 55 min | Adventure, Drama


Junnar. A small city placed at the foothills of Sahyadri mountain range in the state of Maharashtra. A city with thousand years of rich history. Also the place with the highest number of leopards. Leopard attacks, injuries, human-animal conflict is the order of the day. On one such dry late evening, a leopard fells in a well near Junnar and is rescued by the forest officials. Purva Rao, a wildlife biologist collars him and fondly christens him `Ajoba` (the grandfather). She finds him kind and gentle. He is the first one to be collared in the state.

Soon after, he is released in the wild woods of the Malshej Ghats. There begins a journey - of curiosity and hope. The journey of Ajoba - filled with an urge to get back home. He has a long way to go. Forests, villages, cities, people, food and much more to handle.

The chip installed in the collar empowers Purva to track Ajoba`s behavior and actions. She clubs up with a local forest worker and her student and the three together set on an intriguing journey along with Ajoba. Leopard being one of the shyest creatures, Ajoba`s signal shows that he stays as one with the humans. He crosses villages, climbs mountains to take an overview of the way ahead and travels through the dense forests.

Purva and her colleagues are excited about Ajoba`s pace but there is a constant threat from the villagers who fear for their security. Ajoba`s sightings result into more conflict. Politicians get a good chance to prove their devotion for the public.

Purva fights a lone battle. Her efforts do not work and the verdict comes - trap the animal. Turmoil of human emotions begins. Protests built up. Ajoba is calm and composed. The media takes no time to put a label of man eater and attempts to trap Ajoba, start. Purva is surprised and amazed by his dare devil act of crossing the railway station, walking through the busiest industrial area and swimming through a creek. Unfortunately his collar fells off and Purva has no trace of him. The last she sees him is at a National Park in Mumbai.

Curiosity is at the peak. The stakes are high. Ajoba gets his home? Or is he trapped in the societal pressures? Does he harm someone? Purva saves him? Or the destiny has something else to offer?

Ajoba - a soul stirring journey.