Akasha Ganga 2

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Akasha Ganga 2

UA | 01 Nov, 2019 7,094 Votes

2 hrs 22 min | Horror, Thriller

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A staunch atheist, Arathi, accepts a challenge from her friends to test the authenticity of an `Ashram` that claims to help its followers talk to the dead. To her surprise, she communicates with her dead mother who leads her to the dark and hidden secrets of her own family. As she untangles them, she is pulled into the grim and wretched ways of Akashaganga, the evil spirit that once tormented her family. Even with the help of her friends and a shaman lady at the Ashram, will she be able to tackle the spirit?

The Times of India   rated it
Akasha Ganga 2
It is interesting to see how Vinayan has narrated the period shift without leaving any loopholes. It is a treat for Akasha Ganga fans....
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