Allah Ke Banday

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Allah Ke Banday

A | 26 Nov, 2010

Children At War

2 hrs 10 min | Action, Drama

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Allah Ke Banday is a story about two friends. Two boys born into one of the largest slums of the world-Known to the outside world and its inhabitants as ``Bhool Bhulaiyya`` meaning a maze, a place where once you get in, it`s difficult to find your way out.
Starting early in the world of crime,Vijay, the intelligent one with dangerous ideas and Yakub the hot-headed unguided missile, go from being regular drug carriers to committing their first murder at the tender age of 12 and 13 respectively. Sent into juvenile prison for their offence; The two boys enter the ruthless world of juvenile detention and it`s old patriarch, the dreaded juvenile prison warden- a world more chaotic and tough to be brought up into, then the one day left behind. For a while the boys lose there voice, but soon that changes. Not the kinds to take it lying down they decided to take things into their own hands, committing their second murder within the walls of the prison. Freedom comes a few years later and so does their transformation from childhood to boyhood and into manhood. Returning to the place they once belonged to with a desire to rule it, the two boys create a gang of teenage kids. Just like they were, they now create the same vicious cycle of life that made them what they are today. The young guns start with a fanfare, but their initial success is only temporary, with the tragic and unexpected turn of events,Vijay and Yakub will have to make some choices that will change not only their destiny but their entire lives altogether. Redemption comes, but with a price.