Alluda Majaka

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Alluda Majaka

- | 01 Mar, 2008 14 Votes

Action, Drama


This Telugu film, directed by E.V.V Satynarayana, opens with the grievances of a village troubled by Vasundhara (Lakshmi) and Peddaiah (Kota Srinivasa Rao). The movie's principal theme is that love is far greater than greed, or any materialistic pleasures. The `villains` of the film are shown to have an insatiable thirst for money and property, but, are pacified by end of the celluloid. This transformation is anything but simple. Hence, the film takes interesting twists and turns and keeps us engaged till the end.


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charan   rated it
we always have to be a great time 🕒with a great common man I love mega star and I am so proud of a fan of mega star and mega power star RAM...