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UA | 25 Mar, 2016 8,957 Votes

A roller coaster of entertainment, smiles, laughter and pride!

2 hrs 40 min | Comedy, Romantic, Thriller, Drama


As an insurance agent with a record number of sales to his name, Diljit Dosanjh could well be the friendly neighbourhood youngster who you may encounter in the street. A little mischievous and a lot helpful, he may get on your nerves for a little while.

Love at first (or second, or may be third) sight? Let Navneet Dhillon, Monica Gill and Lauren Gottlieb explore it who are sure to bring a breeze of fresh air but can`t help themselves uttering `Oh My God Ainna Sohnaa!` as the Ambarsariya roams the crowded lanes of Hall Bazaar on his trademark Yezdi bike.