Ambuli (Tamil)

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Ambuli (Tamil)

U | 21 Sep, 2012

2 hrs 19 min | Musical, Sci-Fi, Thriller
2D 3D

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`Ambuli` is a dubbed Telugu version of the Tamil science-fiction thriller, directed by Hari Shankar and Hareesh Narayan, who earlier directed `Orr Eravuu` in 2010.Amudhan (Ajay) and Vendhan (Srijith) decide to stay back in their hostel during their even after their friends leave for home. Amudhan decides to visit his girlfriend, Poongavanam Madandhipuram in her village. During his stay, one night, while crossing the fields to meet her, he gets horrified and later asks the villagers about it who tell him it was `Ambuli`, a man-eating monster.