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A | 25 Dec, 1997

Freedom Is Not Given. It Is Our Right At Birth. But There Are Some Moments When It Must Be Taken.

2 hrs 35 min | Drama, Historical

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Creaking Projectors and Tuborg presents AMISTAD A Steven Spielberg classic, set in the early 1800`s when a slave ship lands at the American coast as a result of an on board mutiny. Three countries are claiming the ownership of the ``cargo``, but one lawyer takes it upon itself to free these men and women. A drama that will move your hearts, timeless performances by Anthony Hopkins, Morgan freeman and Matthew McConaughey that will teleport you to the court room where this epic case is fought, a story that strips naked the atrocities the human beings are capable of inflicting and an ending that reinstates the faith in humanity. Spielberg says he would like to be remembered for two of the movies that he has ever made, one of them being AMISTAD For more information one can visit