Anghanethanne Nethave Anjettennam Pinnale

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Anghanethanne Nethave Anjettennam Pinnale

U | 03 Jun, 2016 161 Votes

2 hrs 5 min | Comedy, Drama


The village of Kanakkodu is free of politics and political parties. Thankachen Palam who had written four books on Modern India and Easy Ways to Politics reaches Kanakkodu to spread the seeds of politics in the calm atmosphere prevalent there. Consequently, the villagers divide themselves into different political groups and the resulting incidents form the plot of the film.

The film is a political satire that shows what happens when politics is introduced to a place which has so far stayed away from it.

Nowrunning   rated it
Anghanethanne Nethave Anjettennam Pinnale
Despite the kick start momentum that Angane Thanne Nethave Anjettennam Pinnale displays, it hardly makes any sturdy moves forward. Here is a novel setting that gets blown to the winds (non)courtesy a m...
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Ganesh   rated it
Anghanethanne Nethave Anjettennam Pinnale
One of the most pathetic movies I've ever seen in Malayalam. The whole movie & the casting is worst than some awful tv serials. The villain is a pakka serialish actor, he could do better in that field,...