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U | 29 Jun, 2007

2 hrs 45 min | Action, Drama


Apne is about family life. Indian men have time and again given up their dreams and ambitions to keep their families intact .This film retells such a story.Baldev Choudhary (Dharmendra) is an ex boxing champion who wants to wash a stain in his boxing career with his son Angad's (Sunny Deol) success. But, a financial crisis hindered Angad's success and stopped him from achieving his dream.Another time, Baldev Choudhary gets an opportunity in the form of a TV show. He trains a local boy to get into this much- hyped boxing show, but is replaced by a better coach at the eleventh hour.Karan (Bobby Deol), the younger son of Baldev Choudhary is on the verge of releasing a music album, when he realizes that his father is in a crisis and decides to give up his musical career and gets into boxing. With his hard work and dedication he emerges victorious. But in a final with a heavy weight champion he is tricked and ends up paralyzed on the hospital bed. This leaves Father Baldev devastated. He wants to take his own life, but Angad steps in to turn the game upside down and brings happiness back into the life of his father