Arai En 305il Kadavul

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Arai En 305il Kadavul

U | 18 Apr, 2008 0 Votes

3 hrs 0 min | Drama


Rasu (Santhanam) and Mokkai (`Ganja` Karuppu) live in a hostel with a professor (Madan Bob), a staunch atheist (Rajesh), a poet and other unemployed, struggling men. Rasu is in love with Mahishasuramardhini (Madhumita), who shows no interest in his advances. Meanwhile, Mokkai wants to marry his uncle`s daughter back in his village. The two are then kicked out of the hostel due their inability to pay the rent. Drunk, they go to a temple and spurt out their complaints and the bad luck that has been following them. Both are shocked when God (PrakashRaj) appears before them. Flustered they go home, only to find God there. They however fall asleep and next morning God convinces them of his identity.
He now makes a deal with them, where he would stay with them for a week and advice them in all they do, to find out whether He is at fault for their condition or they are the real problem. Does God make them realise their fault or they continue blaming Him for their bad luck?