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A | 27 Aug, 2010

2 hrs 0 min | Drama

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The patriarch, Suryashekhar Chattopadhyay is a deeply religious person
and a man of firm principles. He treats the predictions of the
horoscope like axiomatic truth, realizing little that such
predictions, often interpreted in equivocal language, can be
misleading. His obduracy distances him from his only son, Alok, who
refuses to put up with his father`s unbending attitude to the
horoscope. Alok marries outside his caste, denounces his horoscope,
and leaves home to settle abroad with his wife. Suryashekhar`s wife;
an accomplished and educated lady, is reduced to being a mute witness
to all this and never protests against her husband`s whims and harsh
decisions. She bears everything with a quiet, resigned dignity. Their
grandson, Arijit comes to stay with them through a strange turn of
event, and they are overjoyed. But, by then, Suryashekhar has decided
that he will die in Benaras (Kashi) to rid himself of the eternal
cycle of rebirth. He decides to check in at Moksha Bhavan [lit. `The
House of Salvation`] , a house where people come to die. There Arijit
meets Kasturi, a Bihari woman, whose mother-in-law awaits death. Her
husband, Shyam cannot father a child, but blames her and abuses her
which she refuses to accept. Kasturi takes it up as a challenge to
prove that she is capable of carrying a child and as a result gets
involved with Arijit. But by another turn of events, Arijit decides to
marry Kasturi once he comes to know that he has sired the child she
has conceived. As Arijit`s parents come to Benaras, and come to know
of their relationship, they refuse to accept their son`s decision.
While confronting Arijit, Alok has a massive heart attack and
dies.Suryashekhar is shattered. As the embers of their son`s pyre die
out, Suryashekhar`s wife confronts him for the first time and
questions his unbending faith and the truthfulness of the predictions
of the horoscope. Suryashekhar realizes how wrong he has been all
through his life.